Anson Li

Web Developer & Mechanical Engineer

About Me

My name is Anson Li and I am a Toronto-based Web Developer who also has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics. In addition to coding and web development, I'm also an avid gamer, a fan of anime, and a foodie.

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What I am proficient with

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My apps and websites

Screenshot of the Notorious Divsum Lorem Generator App for Cohort 15 at HackerYou

Notorious Divsum - Lorem Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Generate placeholder text based on quotes and inside jokes from HackerYou's Cohort 15, a.k.a. <Notorious Divsum>!

Screenshot of the map from the Pickup Games app, an app to help organize pickup sports and gaming events

Pickup Games

A React App to Plan/Join Local Sporting or Gaming Events

Pickup Games is a webapp that utilizes Firebase and Google Authentication to help users host or plan a local sporting or gaming event and pin it onto a map for everybody to see. Other users have the ability to join an event either by finding it through the list or interactively on the map.

Screenshot of the Parapug card matching game

Parapug - the Card Matching Game

An Interactive Game Webapp using the PetFinder API

Parapug is a card matching game that requires the player to match 8 pairs of cards with pictures of pugs, pulled from the PetFinder API, and saves the player's time to a Firebase. The top 5 fastest times are displayed in a leaderboard.

Screenshot of movie recommending app, So You've Got Time To Kill, which is a close up black and white photo of a clock

So, you've got some time to kill?

An Interactive Webapp using PopCornTime and Kitsu APIs

An app that helps with choosing something to watch to kill a certain amount of free time with genre(s) that the user picks. The app pulls data from the PopcornTime and Kitsu APIs for movies/shows to watch and returns a random result.

Screenshot of the Dragon Slayer app

Dragon Slayers

An Interactive Javascript App

A simple Javacript app with user interactivity where it takes in 3 names and outputs a completely randomly generated story of our 3 heroes attempting to fight a dragon. There are approximately 10,000 possible unique outcomes between slaying the dragon, coming to a stalemate, or a complete loss to the dragon with a possibility of betray from within the party!

Fake university PSD conversion screenshot

Faux University

A Fully Responsive PSD Conversion

A completely responsive PSD conversion for a faux university or academic institution. The result is purely aesthetic and without the use of Javascript, where any animations are done only in CSS.

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